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COVID 19.......Update

Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic, although Thoroughbred Racing has been permitted to continue in Australia, Arabian Racing has been suspended. 


Most States have now relaxed some of the strict protocols that had been introduced to allow Thoroughbred Racing to continue. The public and owners may now attend race meetings, trials etc,  however only limited numbers of patrons may attend.  As an example, Flemington Racecourse in Victoria will allow up to 15,000. This may sound like a large number but it should be remembered that Flemington can accommodate 100,000 racegoers.  To allow for greater flexibility of movement two separate zones have been introduced with each zone capped at no more than 7,500 people. Patrons will not be required to wear a mask on course, but are encouraged to wear them when they cannot social distance.  Other racecourses have similiar restrictions so advice from the track should be sort prior to going to a race meeting.


Arabian Racing is expected to resume in Australia in August 2021.  However, as restrictions differ from State to State this expected timeframe may change in some States.   

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The National Arabian Racehorse Assoc.Ltd. is an Australian registered Company Limited by Guarantee. 

The charter of NARA detailed in the Company Articles of Association is to;


  • Develop a professional & sustainable Arabian Horse Racing Industry in Australia

  • Promote & market Arabian Horse Racing in Australia

  • Establish & maintain an Arabian racehorse registry

  • Manage & distribute Arabian racing data and records

  • Oversee a strong industry code of ethics

  • Represent Arabian racing at major functions throughout Australia

  • Co-ordinate National Media coverage

  • Publish the Australian Arabian Rules of Racing

  • Co-ordinate Australia's representation in International Arabian Racing

  • Facilitate overseas markets for Australian Arabian racehorses

  • Provide owners & breeders with incentive schemes

  • Co-ordinate with each State the production of a National racing calendar

  • Ensure that Arabian horse racing in Australia is fair by enforcing a strict code of ethics regarding drugs in racing

  • Liaise with Governments and Industry leaders

  • Assist in securing corporate and other sponsorship for Arabian Racing Promote the best interests of

  • the Arabian Horse Breed in Australia.

Board Members & Representatives

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Anthony Mountney - Board Member - Racing Manager

Virginia Dodson - Board Member

Alamdar Dastani - Board Member

Lisa Willan - Corporate Adviser

Media Consultant

Sharon Meyers - Photographer


The National Arabian Racehorse Association Ltd.  (NARA) is the Australian Arabian Racing Authority and is the recognised racing authority by the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing Authorities (IFAHR).


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Growth Plate Fusion

August 25, 2016

THE NEXT TIME... you're thinking about starting that 2-3 yr old horse under saddle.. well, .. BEFORE you plop your butt on their back and start cranking on their head and boxing them into a frame, and bouncing on their back because they're so unbalanced.. just take a look at this Growth Plate graphic ... so you have a time frame for when his/or her parts will be fusing.


Avondale Pirouette

June 18, 2016

Australia says goodbye to Avondale Pirouette, an exceptional Australian Arabian Racehorse. 

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