Ever wondered if you should race your Arabian?

Read this article and you will find out why. 

Report from Madrid, Spain, 2018

Women's World of Racing
Victoria Shaw, Ladies in Racing
Spring 2017
Australia Sees Brighter Future for 2017 Arabian Racing
January 2017
Caring for Your Horse in the Heat
November 2019
With summer on the way it is a timely time to review advice on caring for your horse during excessive heat particulary when race working your horse. 
Training Your Arabian Racehorse
September 18, 2016
Want to train your own Arabian Racehorse but not sure on how to get started. Successful trainer, Anthony Mountney, passes on his knowledge and experience:
Jockeys Riding Styles
Pat Hyland
October 2016
Use of Whip - Does it make a Difference
October 2016
Tongues Ties on Racehorses
October 2016
Travelling with Horses.
October 2016

Growth Plate Fusion

August 25, 2016

THE NEXT TIME... you're thinking about starting that 2-3 yr old horse under saddle.. well, .. BEFORE you plop your butt on their back and start cranking on their head and boxing them into a frame, and bouncing on their back because they're so unbalanced.. just take a look at this Growth Plate graphic ... so you have a time frame for when his/or her parts will be fusing.


Avondale Pirouette

June 18, 2016

Australia says goodbye to Avondale Pirouette, an exceptional Australian Arabian Racehorse. 

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