What is a Futurity?


A Futurity is the nomination of an unborn foal.  A futurity is showing a breeders confidence in their ability to produce a foal that they believe has the potential to be competitive in their chosen field.


Nominating an unborn foal for a Futurity is the first step in making them eligible to compete in the Futurity events (shows and races).


The Futurity Events that will be held by NARA are for Registered Purebred Arabians and will consist of age classes at Futurity Shows and restricted races where Futurity Nominated horses only will be eligible.  Click here for Rules & Regulations.


How do I nominate my unborn foal?

First nomination fees for in utero (unborn) foals are due by the 31st July each year prior to the foal being born.


The second nomination fee is due by the 31st of July before the foal turns 1yo. Once this nomination is paid the foal (now yearling) is eligible to be shown in a 1yo class at a NARA Futurity Show.


The 3rd Nomination fee is due by the 31st of July before the foal turns 2yo.  Once this nomination is paid the foal (now 2yo) is eligible to be shown in a 2yo class at a NARA Futurity Show.  


The 4th Nomination fee is due by the 31st of July before the foal turns 3yo.  Once the nomination is paid the foal (now 3yo) is eligible to be shown in a 3yo class at a NARA Futurity Show. 

Refer to Rules & Regulations for more information.


Once the foal turns 4yo, has all its nominations fees paid on time and has attended at least one NARA Futurity show, it is eligible for a NARA Futurity Race.  Nomination fees for the race need to paid.  


If nomination fees are not paid at any time the Futurity nomination lapses and makes the horse ineligible for any further futurity events.  Futurity payments are non refundable.  If horse changes ownership then Futurity is transferable.


Where will NARA Futurity Events be held?

The first event will be held during the HARC & NARA festival on 5th, 6th & 7th February 2016.


How will the Futurity Show classes be judged?

It is planned to have 3 judges that all have experience with Arabians and Performance/Racing horses.  It will be judged on a point system.  There will be 5 sections (Type, Neck & Shoulder, Body, Feet & Legs, Walk/Trot) on a score card and each is scored out of 20 with the Feet & legs scoring triple points and the walk/trot scoring double points.


The horse totalling the highest points is the winner of the class. Placings will be awarded to 6th.  Score sheets will be displayed on the day.


All Futurity Nominations are now closed for the 2016 event

Click here for Rules & Regulations


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