Madrid an experience to remember


The 2018 World Arabian Racing Forum held in Madrid earlier this year produced some remarkable outcomes for the industry.


Some changes to personnel in the organizational structure will no doubt generate some new enthusiasm and help lift the focus in areas that needed a makeover.


There were many highlights from the week-long experience that included a brilliant race day in Seville.


The bullet train trip from Madrid gave everyone on board an opportunity to witness the brilliant landscapes and exquisite mountain ranges that envelope the countryside for which Spain is famous.


The Seville racecourse became the center of all things Arabian racing and the outcome of the feature apprentices' race (as pictured) showed how much emotion and generosity is instilled into this great sport of ours.


On each day of the conference in Madrid, keynote speakers delivered varied points of view on all aspects of Arabian racing and the breed and while at times discussions generated by delegates from the floor became heated, it was clearly in the best interests of the sport.


So many subjects were discussed, including breeding, racing, administration and the role the media plays and where that part of the industry is heading.


And while some of the matters raised were unresolved there were many issues that had been simmering from the previous conference completed to the satisfaction of all parties.


The one thing to emerge from the Madrid conference was that the passion for the Arabian breed is as strong as ever.


Words by journalist Peter Staples - One of NARA Australia's delegates to the 2018 Wold Arabian Racing Forum in Madrid.