We’re really excited to share with you the important things you need to know about getting started in Arabian Racing.


Learn as much as you can about the sport. Talk to NARA trainers, they are there to help.


Seminars- are a great educational resource to take advantage, find out when one is being held near you. Click here for Seminar dates


Rules & Regulations - NARA manages all Arabian racing meets within Australia.  It is important you understand the rules and regulations.  Click here for Rules & Regulations


Get to know other trainers - Get to know other Arabian Racehorse Trainers in your area, go to race meetings and watch. Most Arabian owners and trainers are eager to help someone who wants to get involved. Finding a mentor who you trust and respect can be very beneficial as you start out. 

Getting your Horse

The National Arabian Racehorse Assoc.Ltd. (NARA), welcomes you to the exciting sport of Arabian Horse Racing. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your horse win and there is nothing that gets your heart racing faster. There is no better thrill than winning a big race with your own Arabian.


The sport of Arabian racing has been growing at a steady rate the world over with prize money overseas now exceeding the million dollar mark. Australia has yet to reach these dizzying heights but NARA, as the recognized Arabian Racing Authority and the Australian member of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR), is excited to announce that Arabian racing is now being programmed in four Australian States which means that the future is looking very positive.

So what do you need to do to become part of this exciting international family of Arabian Racing?  The answer is a racehorse. Of course you will need to have a trainer, register your jockey silks colours etc but the most important thing is the horse.

Fortunately there are many ways to become involved in Arabian racehorse ownership. The purchase of a racehorse needn't be an expensive thing, thanks to the variety of ownership opportunities available but remember that all Arabian racehorses must be Purebred Arabians and registered in the stud book of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. to be eligible to race.  They will also be issued with a NARA Racehorse document of identification.


Owning a share in an Arabian Racehorse gives you the chance to meet with others in the sport to talk tactics, plan strategy and help define the career of your own champion racehorse.


Below are just some of the ways you can become involved in racehorse ownership:


Sole Owner

Being the sole owner of a racehorse gives you the right to all prize money accrued, as well as the chance to race a potential star in your own set of silks. As a sole owner you will be involved with all decision making in the career of your racehorse, but are also solely responsible for all expenses your horse accrues.



Many people prefer part-ownership of a racehorse, as you get to share all the thrills of race day glory, as well as the bills. Part-owners are afforded all of the same privileges of sole owners, for a fraction of the cost.



Leasing a horse is another pathway into racehorse ownership. One can lease a horse with family, friends etc without having the ongoing responsibility of owning a horse. The lessee still pays for all training fees and associated costs and keeps a percentage of prize money won. The leasing owner commonly retains a cut of prize money won.  The leasing owner is also able to be one of the lessees.

Leasing your horse allows the opportunity to have up to 20 owners involved with a horse. If the training costs etc are shared between say 10 or more owners the costs are greatly reduced. The prize money would of course also have to be shared but taking all your friends and family to cheer your horse on is an enormous amount of fun and swells the crowd on race day.


NARA is happy to assist you to become part of Arabian Racing and share in the thrill of being a participant in this exciting sport.


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